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Medical tourism

The Center of Sports Medicine of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia is responsible for medical and biological provision of Russian national teams as well as for preserving and strengthening their athletes’ health during training and sports events. The Center is responsible for athletes’ health throughout their career in Russian national teams.

In our Center athletes are examined, treated and rehabilitated. We also practice preventive care and rehabilitation after intensive physical loads and psychological stresses.

Medical services are provided by leading highly qualified doctors, candidates and doctors of medical science. To improve the background our experts continuously follow the latest scientific achievements.

Combination of state-of-the-art equipment with a multidisciplinary approach in working with patients ensures highly effective treatment. The Center carries on science and research activities. We collaborate with leading research and practice medical organizations in Russia. Anyone can get a highly skilled medical aid in our Center alongside with the best athletes of Russia.


Organizations, responsible for the medical support for people who worked out and played sports, were established in 1952. The same year the structure of early treatment centers was specified. Those centers had rooms (departments) for medical support (sports medicine), clinical and diagnostic laboratories, departments for physiotherapy exercise and others.

The history of the Center of Sports Medicine began in 1952 from the head organization of the Republican Medical and Physical Training Center of the Ministry of Health of Russian SFSR, which was situated in Moscow (5 Strastnoy Blvd.). From 1952 to 1979 the directors of the Center were: N. Myagkiy, G. G. Nikolaeva, A.T. Rubtsov.

In 1979 the Republican Medical and Physical Training Center moved to a new, larger building in 5 Bolshaya Dorogomilovskaya St., where it has been until now.

Now the Center is a multidisciplinary scientific and clinical organization which provides medical, biological and psychological support for athletes. The Center was also one of the key organizations which provided professional medical support for sports events of high importance such as:

  • Olympic Games in London in 2012;
  • Student Games in 2013;
  • World Combat Games in 2013;
  • Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi in 2014;
  • Olympic Games in Rio-de-Janeiro in 2016;
  • Open all-Russian competitions in Paralympic disciplines in 2016.

The Center’s innovative projects in physiotherapy exercises, sports medicine and rehabilitation are often implemented in medical care services of the Russian Federation.

In 2015-2016 the Center’s Academic Council recommended for implementation more than 20 innovative diagnostic and correctional technics.

In 2016 on the basis of the Center, Task Group of the Scientific and Technical Council #5 “Medical and Biological Issues of Elite Sport” was created in the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia. The main task of the Group is to determine development opportunities of sports medicine in Russia.


Doctor’s consultation

Medical statements

Functional diagnostics

Ultrasound investigation

Computer-aided diagnostics


Medical and recreational manipulations

Physiotherapy and massage

MRT of joints




Thyroid investigation

Prostate investigation

Program "Healthy back"

Functional tests

Preparation for school and university

Be ready for football

Shockwave therapy

Program "Healthy liver"

What should you do after a marathon?

DIERS - diagnostics

Are you ready for a marathon?




TEAMWe are the leaders in sports medicine and a team of likeminded people, who have the same aim. The athletes’ state of health is the reputation of our country on the domestic and international stages.

ASSISTANCEWe take care of the results at every stage of cooperation with you. High qualification of our experts is the pledge of your victories.

CONFIDENCEWe guarantee the effective and safe methods of diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and preventive care as well as absolute confidentiality.

MOVING FORWARDWe never stop improving our professional skills, paying special attention to the quality of service and medical equipment.

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